Want to help conserve heritage breeds? You don’t have to be a farmer, or own land (but we’ll take farmers too!). There is a role for each of us in helping conserve these breeds for future generations.

First, consider becoming a member of The Livestock Conservancy. Your membership helps support heritage breed conservation, and you’ll learn more about heritage breeds through a variety of membership benefits including our newsletter, E-news, and Breeders Directory.

Another way you can help our efforts to conserve heritage breeds is through a donation – big or small – to our heritage breed conservation programs. The Livestock Conservancy has a variety of national programs and projects that are critical to heritage breed conservation. Since we are a nonprofit, all our funds come from grants and supporters like you. Consider making a donation through our online donation form, or contact our office if you have more questions about how you can give.

Also, take advantage of our online directory to get acquainted with farmers that raise heritage breeds in your area. Buy their products – eggs, meats, fleeces, breeding stock, and more. Your support will help these farmers stay in business and continue raising historic breeds.

Share the Livestock Conservancy’s mission and message with your friends, family and community. We have a variety of materials, including a downloadable presentation, for you to use to promote heritage breeds. We also have a traveling display that’s available for members to take to events, festivals, and more!

We encourage you to keep exploring this section of our website – where you’ll find volunteer opportunitiesheritage breed related events, and more!