Feature your Breed at the Heritage Livestock Conference!

One of the most memorable highlights for attendees of the conference are the networking meals featuring heritage breed meats, heirloom vegetables, and local products. This is a terrific way to showcase your favorite breed or variety among the diverse group of foodies, farmers, scientists, and others who attend the conference and is a perfect opportunity for attendees to learn more about heritage breeds and heirloom seeds while providing a tasty addition to the conference menu.

The Livestock Conservancy is once again encouraging product contributors to send business cards and flyers that can be shared with attendees during the meals. Your name and contact information will also be included in the conference packets that all attendees receive at check-in, and listed here on the website – for up to 6 months after the conference! If you would like to contribute to the Conservancy’s conference success and promote your farm or ranch through a product donation, please email Angelique Thompson.

We look forward to hearing from you!

2017 Menu prepared by Chef Ivey Boyd of Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center:

  • Thursday Reception: Dorset Horn lamb fajitas. Served with peppers and onions on a flour tortilla
  • Friday Dinner: roasted Plymouth Rock chickens, Red Devon beef burgundy, Dorset Horn lamb shepherds pie
  • Saturday breakfast: Eggs benedict made with Cayuga & Silver Appleyard duck eggs
  • Saturday lunch: Leicester Longwool lamb sliders with mint chutney, Guinea Hog pork sausage with peppers and onions, and chopped Slate turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

2017 Food Providers

Blue Mojo Farm

Heritage Blue Slate Turkey & Cayuga Duck eggs donated by:
Jill & Eddie Beuerlein
Aldie, VA 

From Jill:

Our son was diagnosed with Lyme disease so we looked to purchase a small number of guinea hens (tick eaters). At the farm that sold guinea hens, we ran into our first turkey (that wasn’t on a plate or flying through the woods). It was a Blue Slate gobbler that followed us around and loved having his head petted. We fell in love instantly. The guinea hens did not work out, but we had also purchased a turkey that we named Mojo.  As she grew up, she was our pet… sat in our laps, followed us around outside, flew up to our shoulders and so forth. She wound up developing an illness and broke our hearts when she passed. We decided to try to get a few more turkeys from Mojo’s parents. (It is fascinating how smart and curious and gentle turkeys are…)  We established our first flock, named the farm “Blue Mojo Farm”, and off we went! In researching Blue Slate turkeys, we found The Livestock Conservancy. Reading about conservation efforts, something just clicked. Why stop with the slates?  So we added Royal Palms, Black Spanish, Bourbon Red and Bronze.  However, Eddie had always loved ducks. One day a female mallard appeared out of nowhere under his truck.  We put out some food and water and a couple of days later she was gone.

However, again something had “clicked”.  We went to TLC’s duck list, and decided to try a small group of Cayugas, and the Silver Appleyards also caught our eye last year.  Having access to the information on the TLC website is absolutely wonderful. We are passionate about re-establishing living things in decline and eating “local”.  We raise ostrich and have an aquaponic greenhouse, focusing on producing items from the “Ark of Taste” list.  We invite anyone in the northern Virginia area (or passing through) to contact us if they’d like to visit!

Website: www.facebook.com/bluemojofarm
Phone: 571-989-2884
Email: bluemojofarm@havensec.com

Lakota Ranch

Red Devon beef donated by:
Jeremy Engh
Remington, VA

Home of the worlds Premiere Devon Cattle genetics. Leading the breed for over 75 years. Located on 726 acres in the rolling hills of Virginia.

To learn more about Lakota Ranch, please view the video on their website: https://www.lakotareddevons.com/

Working with cattle has been a life-long passion of Devon cattle master breeder Jeremy Engh, whose family has raised heritage Devon cattle since the 1950s. He has an expert’s eye for developing excellent breeding stock and is successfully marketing his grass fed beef locally and throughout the Northeast. The Engh family worked closely with the Conservancy to establish the first breed association for Devon cattle, and Jeremy currently serves as president of Red Devon USA.

Website: www.lakotareddevons.com
Phone: 540-718-1139
Email: enghs@icloud.com

Island View Farm & Seaside Lamb

Hog Island lamb donated by:
Matt & Eden Ertle
Cape Charles, VA

Matt and Eden Ertle have raised Suffolk and native Hog Island sheep on the Eastern Shore of Virginia since 2012. Eden is an artist and educator in a variety of media, including fiber arts.She will be showcasing and demonstrating some items made with her Hog Island wool. Matt is a part-time shepherd and cooking enthusiast, in particular Caribbean, South American, and local Eastern Shore foodways. He has a passion for the entire food experience, from farm to plate, and will be demonstrating home lamb butchery as well as a discussion on common cuts for home and retail, and recipes to utilize these cuts.

Website: Island View Farm Facebook page
Email: matt@seasidelamb.com

Old Crowe Farm

American Guinea Hog sausage donated by:
James & Jacqueline Moyer
Red Oak, VA

Old Crowe Farm is a 132-acre pasture-based sustainable farm and educational outreach nestled in the rolling hills of south-central Virginia. Jim and Jacqueline raise and sell heritage American Guinea Hogs, Mottled Java Chickens and rabbits, as well as the eggs from their free-ranging chickens. They also seasonally raise broilers, as well as small flocks of ducks and turkeys for the holiday season. Organic heirloom vegetables, herbs, and pecans are also grown on the farm and they market these through local farmer’s markets and directly from the farm. On-farm mentoring with overnight accommodations is also offered.

Website: www.oldcrowefarm.com
Email: admin@oldcrowefarm.com

Hidden Spring Farm

Leicester Longwool lamb donated by:
Mary Longhill
Snow Camp, NC

Welcome to Hidden Spring Farm! Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina we raise Leicester Longwools, the beautiful heritage breed of sheep. This endangered, dual-purpose breed grows the lustrous, long and curly wool prized by handspinners. Having learned to spin while living in New Zealand many years ago, I decided to add sheep to our farm in order to have my own supply of wool to spin, but I also wished to help in the preservation of endangered farm breeds. The rare Leicester (pronounced lester) Longwool, with it’s gorgeous fleece, seemed the perfect choice of sheep and we became the first North Carolina breeders of registered Leicester Longwool sheep in 2004. Our current flock is descended from our original 3 ewes and we continue our goal of humanely raising healthy sheep with beautiful fleeces who conform to the breed standard.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSFarmLeicesterLongwools
Website: www.hiddenspringfarmleicesterlongwools.com
Email: mlonghill@hiddenspringfarmleicesterlongwools.com

Cullenstone Farm

Dorset Horn lamb and Silver Appleyard duck eggs donated by:
Seth and Sarah Mackay-Smith
White Post, VA

Cullenstone operates on Montana Hall Farm, owned and farmed by the Mackay-Smith family since 1938. Seth Mackay-Smith grew up nearby on Farnley Farm, known for its Welsh ponies and crosses bred for showing and hunter/jumpers. At that time it was owned and run by his grandmother, Joan Dunning. Sarah Mackay-Smith grew up on on a merino and mohair farm in New South Wales, Australia, where her father now breeds and races Thoroughbreds.

Website: Cullenstone Farm
Email: info@cullenstone.com

Dual Springs Farm

Plymouth Rock – Non-Industrial chickens donated by:
Jamie Duckworth
Kenly, NC

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