4 ounce ball of Dorset Horn Roving

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4 ounce ball of Dorset Horn Roving
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We are so pleased to offer roving from our very own Dorset Horn sheep! This fiber started it’s amazing journey growing on our sheep right here in the foothills of Western Maine. When shearing time came I carefully and quietly cut this wool off myself with a pair of old school hand shears. Then the very best of the wool was transported a few towns north to Bartlett Yarns, the most fabulous old woolen mill. This mill has been processing American grown fibers since 1821! In custom processing our own sheep’s fleece was then scoured using only organic cleaning agents, carded and made into 1″ round roving. We are so very pleased with the result! A sample of this roving has spun up into a fabulously durable and elastic yarn, (see picture below, credit M. Brace) This roving has very little VM, is free of kemp, will take dye well, and is wonderfully durable. Dorset Horn fiber is a medium type “down” wool, noted for it’s elasticity or ‘squish’ factor :). While it is not super ‘skin-soft’, many people are comfortable wearing it next to skin. It is also well suited for outerwear such as hats, vests and sweaters as well as household textiles such as blankets and rugs. We are Se2Se participants so you may fill your Dorset Horn passport slot with this fiber, or you may jump into to the journey this American-Grown product is making, and help it become an American-Made product! We love to see pictures of what you have done.
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New Vineyard
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  • A lovely example of 2 ply Worsted spun from our roving by M. Brace :)

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