BHH Bounty Organic Silver Fox Rabbits

BHH Bounty Organic Silver Fox Rabbits
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BHH Bounty Organic Silver Fox Rabbits
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BHH Bounty Silver Fox Rabbits. Non-certified organically raised, dual purpose, RARE, heritage breed of meat/pelt rabbit. Show quality, pedigreed lines. This breed is fine boned, producing large loins, dressing at 65% live weight, and have great feed to meat conversion ratio. The Silver Fox rabbit is listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste as the best heritage meat rabbit. Supplemented with certified organic feed from New Country Organics, organic forage and garden goodies, with access to clean, mountain spring water. Unrelated pairs and proven breeders avail. Blacks and blues. Prices start at $50 per junior pedigreed rabbit. Call or text 304-994-9119 before 9 pm. Leave message if not avail. Email for more info.
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