About Busyewefarm

I became interested in wool fiber in 2008, I loved to knit but was allergic to polyester and nylon fibers. I met a girl at the farmers market that had dyed some wool with Kool aide and she taught me to spin with a drop spindle. I made enough yarn to make a hat. This started me on my wool journey. I fell in love with the curly locks of the Teeswater breed. In 2016, I purchased a starter flock (1 ram & 3 Ewes) of Teeswater cross sheep from Black Hills Woolies to meet my fiber demands. Discovered I loved working with the sheep and also the fiber. I started researching the sheep breed and decided to dive in and help preserve this wonderful breed. In 2018 I retired from my career and become a full time shepardess and fiber provider, starting my Busy Ewe Farm & Fibers. I am planning on maintaining a small flock of registered American Teeswater Sheep (20-30 Animals).
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